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NHL, NHLPA to Resume Negotiations Monday

November 18th, 2012 at 3:53 PM
By Frank Vajcner

A little more than a week after CBA negotiations broke down between the NHL and NHLPA, both sides have agreed to meet again.

The resumption is a result of one-on-one meetings between NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr. Both men met with each other Friday and Saturday.

The meetings are scheduled to begin Monday in New York.

"We can confirm that we have tentatively agreed to get back together on Monday, either late in the afternoon or early evening," Daly said. "The meeting was requested by the union and it's their agenda. We will see what they have to tell us."

The NHL has been in a lockout for 64 days. 327 games, including the 2013 Winter Classic, have all been canceled. Hopes from the last session of negotiations to have the season start December 1 are all but gone.

While it is not clear when the season would be started, both sides could be shooting for just before Christmas.

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