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NHL Offers CBA Proposal, Awaits Response from NHLPA

December 28th, 2012 at 7:28 PM
By Frank Vajcner

The silence has been broken.

The NHL made a proposal to the NHLPA earlier today. The NHLPA held a conference call earlier this afternoon, and both sides are expected to go back to the bargaining table this weekend in New York, per SporsNet's John Shannon.

CBC's Elliotte Friedman reports that the new proposal includes changes to the term limits of the deal, with the previously withdrawn $300 million "make whole" provision on contracts back on the table.

Also, one compliance contract buyout per team would be allowed. In other words, a team could buy out one player without hurting their cap space. This is similar to the NBA's amnesty clause.

Multiple reports say that the CBA length would remain at ten years, with an opt out after eight.

The Canadian Press reports the league is calling for player contract limits to be a maximum of six years, an increase from five years. Players could be re-signed by their teams for seven. CBC's Don Cherry tweeted that this is a good move by the league.

"Nice move by the NHL. They came back and bent a little with the $300 million back on. Moving to 6 year [contract] signing instead of the 5."

Friedman also confirmed that the league wants a minimum 48-game regular season to start by January 19. Training camp would open on January 12.

The Canadian Press reports that January 11 is the "drop dead" date for a deal to be in place.

The NHL lockout has reached 104 days. 625 games have been canceled.

A few other CBA nuggets:

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